The New Mutants

After three years of waiting for this movie to come out its finally here. My assumption was always that this movie was going to suck the way they kept pushing it back, but as it turns out it was not that bad.

Very enjoyable if you are a fan of the comic as it attempts to be true to the source material rather than convey to the recent popularity of over the top superhero movies. I respect that because it gives the genre of comic book movies more diversity.

The tone of the film is like a horror movie. I remember getting the feel from the trailer and it stays true for the entire feature. I will say that the tone is darker than the comic. As if becoming a teenager is not hard enough with suddenly having powers you can’t control, the movie decides to turn these mutants original origins into a much more grim situation. I did not think it was needed but it does not hurt the film.

I though all the actors were excellent in their parts, they truly pulled from the comic book and as a fan I loved that. Even the fair skinned kid playing Sunspot (who was a dark skin Brazilian in the comic) was cast perfectly for his role as a rich snob with everything who can’t control his body.

It’s one of those teen movies that’s dark and moody that works perfectly in the horror genre. That’s something to remember because its nothing like it’s X-Men counter part. Still, it’s not a bad movie at all.

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