Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board

Wow! I had no idea that Johnny┬áTsunami had a sequel. Not all that surprised, I loved Tsunami, one of the best Disney Channel Original movies I’ve seen, but I guess this sequel came long over do, as I was too old to have my eye out for this sequel.

Johnny looks old. Makes sense, after all this sequel takes place seven years after the original, of course the movie itself only states four years have past, and in those four years Johnny’s main man Sam got a bit of a face lift (guess Lee Thompson Young, who originally played Sam, was unavailable (or looked too old to be a teenager like actor Brandon Baker who plays Johnny). Sam is now being played by Lil J, who t think is Disney famous. I seen him in a few other things on the channel but nothing outside of it.

The original movie had Johnny going from being a surfer in Hawaii to being a Snowboarder in Vermont. This time around Johnny has to learn how to ride a dirt board in order to bond with his new uncle whose only 12. It could have just been a skateboard but they decided to go one bigger with a skateboard for the mountain. I’m not sure if it was the in thing at the time the movie came out or something they actually did in Hawaii but it was cool. I’m sure people learned a lot about Surfing and Snowboarding from Johnny Tsunami, now they get to learn mountainboarding from Johnny Kapahala (spoiler: not that different from skateboarding).

Overall, it was cool to see the characters again and it was a very heart warming story about the family you choose and the family chosen.

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