Hookers in Revolt

Not bad.

One of those flicks on Amazon that looks a little iffy but in the long run it was a good watch.

The film is about a series of hookers who are tired of being used and abuse by pimps, crooked cops and corrupt  politicians.

It reminds me of a blaxpolation film, in the way that a well done drama with an interesting messaged seems to be smothered under so so film techniques and buttered with the lore of hot women.

Not exactly the  staple example of  a womanisum  movement considering the film is about hookers who decide to pump themselves, and like most “revolutions” the ideas start out well,but the hooker who started this movement gets caught up with her own  glory of what she created.

Hookers in Revolt has a few interesting sub stories like one hooker who wants to turn the revelation into big business, and one hooker who personifies the contradiction of a women’s movement in the prostitution industry.

Overall this was a solid attempt. A pretty well thought out story with very good music going through it and whatever does not measure up is over shadowed by T&A. Thumbs up!


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