Furious Road

Probably expecting too much from a film which opening credits cast list concludes by saying and Ron Jeremy as… does not matter what he’s playing he’s Ron Jeremy! Porn star, Jasmine St. Claire is also in the movie playing a drug dealer in one of the funniest moments of the movie, though this was not intentional. It’s just obvious that jasmine st Claire did porn cause she could not act, but what the scene did tell me is that I should not take the movie too seriously.

Furious Road is about a gang of girls, and you know you try to think about equality when you think of gang of girls and then the movie starts out with the gang violently killing a man who sells drugs to pregnant women and children. So this gang has a heart of gold? Somewhat. They are the type of gang that has a high moral compus and they take a vigilante approach in hunting down dealers and other gangs who don’t have the same values. I’m sure plenty of male gangs (In the movies that is) have that same rule of who to sell drugs to but starting with this so early in the movie tells me something.

Lucky for me, overall it told me this movie’s stupidity is highly entertaining. The gang of girls vigilante attitude has them biting off more than they can chew and as a result has them become the hunted when the big drug boss comes to see who messed up his business. It has a lot of action in it but most of the action is lame, but in that lameness is some corny ass scenes that make this too much fun to watch.

An enjoyable movie, possibly for all the wrong reasons but enjoyable all the same.

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