Casting couch

As creepy as the premise is at this moment, I still really liked it.

A mediocre looking actor whose looking to have sex with a really hot chick makes a documentary about a fake movie he’s casting in order to meet the blonde of his dreams.

Even the movie itself points out how despicable what this guy and his friends are doing is, but what I found interesting is how non formulated the overall factor is. A bit of a spoiler alert, unlike most frat boy comedies with this kinda rape influence behavior surrounding it, I feel I was not left with a message of how wrong using a fake casting coach is to look for love.

It was like a sitcom, the protagonist was a shallow man at the beginning of the movie and this never changes throughout. He never learns a lesson on love or even finds that special person really, Just a Miss Right Now, and then the movie just ends like that.

Interestingly unhollywood of Casting Coach to do this but it’s too bad the actual movie has nothing going for it. Outside of the parade of hot girls being auditioned, the film gets boring really fast.

I hate to say this about a movie that maybe trying to be different from the norm, but then again, it’s odd for a National Lampoon style comedy not to just stick to the formula in order to appeal to as many men between the ages of 18-48 as possible. They may have figured it would be fine so long as we kept the hot chicks the bare naked ladies and  hilarious slap stick hi jinks, but the big problem is they only had two out of three and with out the third part to fill in the gaps I found myself falling asleep.

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