Deadpool 2

I don’t want to say it’s not as good as the original but…it’s not as good as the original.

Starts out like the last movie with a fun opening sequence, but the level of action vs. comedy was uneven throughout the film, with Deadpool trying too hard to have a story with substance and hiding what’s not in depth with Deadpool’s power to break the forth wall with Witt and charter.

I loved the classic comic book story line of Deadpool trying to stop a cyborg from the future from killing a kid that destroyed it as an adult.

As a comic book fan I did raise an eyebrow when I saw how different Domino looks from her comic book version (Guess they could not find an albino that worked), but Zazie Beetz easily broke the mold with her portrayal of the character. She’s so cute and funny that you no longer cared.

That was a plus for me. What was a minus was the treatment of the character Shatterstar. I loved the fact that he was also played, by someone who was a different ethnicity than in the comic (but easier to get away with because overall, technically Shatterstar is an alien from another dimension), but as a fan of the character they missed a golden opportunity here, similar to what they did to Deadpool in X-Men origins: Wolverine. Same with the treatment of Terry Crews who could have used more air time (He needs to be a superhero).

As the antagonist, Josh Brolin’s Cable was no where near Josh Brolin’s Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. He looked good as the time traveling Cyborg, but like Shatterstar, he was far too one dimensional and is not that interesting.

I like the kid from Hunt for the Wilderpeople as Russell, the fire fist. He makes Deadpool an X-Men story and was really the only substance the movie needed if they were looking for this to be more than an action comedy.

It’s rare that the these Marvel Franchises don’t get better as they go along: X2 is better than X-Men, Days of Future Past is better than First Class (in a lot of ways). It’s not like DP 2 is not a great movie, it absolutely is, thanks to Ryan Reynolds understanding of Wade Wilson, the same type of understanding that made Hugh Jackman the perfect Wolverine despite not being right for the role (it’s true). Also, give credit for finding the right people to play Domino and Russell.

But it’s not better than the original. The magic is not there.The action is not as good and the timing of the comedy is not as tight as the first film, plus some of the jokes seem so focus for Fanboys that I seemed to be the only person laughing in the theater (and that’s saying something cause when you see a movie like this at midnight the whole place is filled with Fanboys).

I’m wondering if I should blame Disney who may have altered the final cut to make it less R rated, because that was a big thing about the first film that made it solid gold.

I don’t mean to discourage, I’m just warning you not to get your hopes up. X gonna give it too ya, but not as good as he delivered it the first time.

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