Girl Lost

I’ll be blunt. I was in the mood to see a movie with some naked boobies and I saw a movie called Girl Lost on my amazon prime account. I looked it up on Mr. Skin and it said there would be some great nudity, so I was like “down!”

So, I started watching the movie. It’s starts with a title card opening explaining how many teenage girls get exploited for sex in the United States…

So now I’m coming at this whole thing with a different prospective. My bonner is limping and my mind is opening. As much as I love watching young girls prance around naked, I’m not a fan of the idea of them doing it against their will, and this movie forces you to realize the both go hand and hand almost exclusively.

With that said, the biggest problem with this film is that it is set up to the style of a soft-core porn film. That opening tile card does help to create a dramatic feel, but it does still have a tone of erotica to it.

Almost feels like a movie called Refer Madness, which the film is sold to me as a cautionary tale about smoking weed but I found it to amusing for that to work. I’ll say that Girl Lost works way better as a cautionary tale simply because I’m taking the topic of teens being exploited for sex far more seriously.

Girl lost tries to wrap all the stereotypes of exploited teens into one package. She’s a girl groomed by her mom to be a teen prostitute, just like she was a teen prostitute, and within the 95 mins of the film she goes through everything you would expected a teen prostitute to go through.

The story being told is very episodic, but it works to get the message across. Despite my first impression of the film, it does do it’s job with the message. Very good idea putting that up first so that I come into it thinking with the big head instead of the little one.

It’s a very mundane aspect on survival as a young girl with no skills does the only thing she knows how to make it in this world, and just how dirty her part of this world can really get.

Definitely work taking a look at. Unless your that dude who lives at the strip club, casue then it will fuck that up for you.

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