Armed Response

So this is not an action movie starring Wesley Snipes, this is a horror movie with Snipes in it.
I went to see if cause the way Snipes was all over the movie poster (all by himself) I was hoping for a decent action film with hopefully one stylish Snipes fighting scenes. What I got instead was something I can see people having a hard time advertising.
Snipes leads a team of marines into a prison where a secret government interrogation tool is being held in order to find out why they lost contact with the first half of the team.
As the movie progressed, I’m thinking it was going to be some hi-tech, who-done-it mystery as the crew used surveillance to find out what happen to the first team but as Wesley’s team gets  picked off one by one, I’m seeing it as a completely different demographic. Even though it’s not scary, it still had all the elements,similar to how the action movie, Aliens is a horror movie about marines battling monsters, and how Predator is the same thing.
This movie is no where near as good as Aliens or Predator, but it is a very good suspense drama about war. The area where the action takes place is a huge prison that looks like a  video game. Plus gene Simmons of Kiss ( who now has a bald head) is in it.
Confused cause I did not get what I came for but it does not disappoint.

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