Great job, Halle Berry!!

So Berry plays a single mom whose world gets kidnapped and she goes on a high speed chase to get her son Back.

I loved how Halle Berry starts The movie. When she sees the kidnappers put her boy in their car she goes historical and all of her actions where just this blind sense to project her young. To me it was absolutely real. I can see my own mom going that crazy to get me back if that happen to me. As the movie progresses it’s all about watching Berry trying to keep her composure and focus so that she can figure out what to do next.

A very old school 70s type of format with most of the action in this action thriller happening in a car going down the highway. It’s very impressive how they were able to keep up the intensity of the narrative for eighty or so minutes.

I was expecting to see a movie similar to The Call, which superficially looks like the same movie on the surface, but definitely kidnap is a better movie.


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