Logan Lucky

It’s a very interesting perceptive on the heist movie. It was so different than ones that I’ve ever seen before and I like that a lot about it. It takes a little adjusting cause the movie just feels so mundane. It’s like the perfect crime was pulled off by respectable criminals, and your always waiting for some formulated conflict to come in and change the game and Logan Lucky proves you don’t need superficial  fluff to a well told plot and some really unique characters.

Channing Tatum, was awesome in this movie. He plays Jimmy Logan, a down on his luck single dad living for his daughter who needs some big money when he losses his job and his daughter’s mother is moving them to another state. So he decides to rob the raceway on the busiest day of the year.

Adam Driver is in the movie as well and he was nice and funny. Some great laughs from him. Daniel Craig was funny as well.

Steven Soderberg is a very good director and it was great seeing his spin on the whole crime heist picture. It’s not my favorite Soderberg movie but it’s a good experience.

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