Escape from New York

So Kurt Russell plays the now iconic role of Snake Plissken, a living persona of the American bad ass tap on to save the president of the Untied States when his plane crashes inside the prison that they made of the island of Manhattan.

Strangest thing about this movie is the prison is located on is Manhattan. It’s like from what I know about Manhattan as a whole, even back in 81 when the movie was made is that the government would have a hard time convincing New Yorkers to leave so that they can turn Manhattan into a prison. My best guest is that they built that 50 foot wall around the joint with law abiding citizens still inside mixed with criminals. That’s understandable, as it’s hard to tell with New Yorkers whose who. Besides, New Yorkers are though. Most likely, they didn’t even notice a prison became their hood.

Bad ass Kurt Russell. if there is anyone whose trying to make America great again, it’s definitely  Snake Plissken,cutting through all the red tape and the political nonsense to do the right thing. A nice 1980s update on the John Wayne model (and I specifically state 1980, because of those strange tights he was wearing in the movie)

I feel like all of John Carpenter’s films kinda feel that they have one foot in the horror genre. I know Escape from New York is a dystopian science fiction action film  it does have the scary social commentary of what America could be. Plus it’s very dark in tone

I really like fast the story unfolds. They really waste no time getting down to it. Also like the fact that it’s laid out somewhat like a cool video game. I don’t know it there is an Escape from New York game, but they should have one.

It takes less than ten minutes to lay out the plot. The president’s plane (which does not look like Air Force one, but I’m assuming) is hijacked by a terrorist group, but that crash it into the prison Manhattan becomes. It’s barely 2 mins that the police go into the prison to get him but discover, it’s too late, that the wrong element has him. So the police commissioner (played by Lee Van Cheif) has only one option…Snake Plissken. Plissken is going in anyway for robbing a Fed reserve, but now he has a chance not to spend the rest of his life there if he can get the president out alive.  

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