The Boss Baby

Like a boss!

When I first herd about The Boss Baby I did not think I would like it, despite the trailer showing me just how funny Alec Baldwin was going to be in it. It just did not sound like the best animated feature Dreamworks could possibly do, but as it turns out, Boss Baby is real enjoyable, mostly because of the story over the animation.

Baldwin plays The Boss Baby, a middle management exec for Babycorp (That delivers babies to the world), sent undercover as Tim’s brand new baby brother, in an attempt to stop puppies from cornering the market on cute, (Which has decrease the production of infants) by stopping the manufacturing of the ultimate Puppy.

What’s so good about The Boss Baby is how they work it in that the purpose of the film is Tim using his imagination to adjust to a new baby coming into the house that he once alone had the love and attention of both parents all to himself. A very uniquely done animated film, if not the best animated film. Just a great children story on children. Reminds me of Pixar’s Inside Out.

Very funny and entertaining.

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