Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth

The first one is the best one of course but talk about a close second. Strangely surprised by how much I loved this one. Then again, it’s not that surprising. Hell on Earth seems to be the franchise’s attempt to make Pinhead similar to all the other slashers of his period. Of all the movies he seemed to have the most sparkling personality in this one. He was not a background character but his purpose and wants drove the film. Plus, there was an origin story of who Pinhead was win he was alive. All of this plus an action-packed third act just made this movie so energetic.

I find this a little amusing. it seems like this was the moment when Hellraiser was about to sell, but then the next movie goes back to the old format and starts to suck. Granted, I prefer to blame Hellriser’s creator Clive Baker who began to move on to other things for the reason the movies began to lose quality, but I can’t deny for me it seemed they had something trying to put Pinhead on the same level of slasher/hero like Krugger and Vorhees. Then again, that’s technically not Pinhead’s style, right? Yet it worked here.

Or it could have been the kick-ass song by legendary Motorhead that gave the film its spice. Star Trek Deep Space Nine’s Terry Ferrell as the final girl worked well too.

Great flick

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