Not to say that i did not like this film but I feel about it like I feel about Escape Plan, if only this movie had come ten or twenty years earlier.

Yeah, he played Judge Dredd and Demolition Man. He was in Guardians of the Galaxy and Rambo is a Bonafede hero, but Samaritan makes me feel like I wanted to see the Italian Stallion (not a bad superhero name at all) as Batman or Captain America, and I know what you’re thinking but still, something like that, not necessarily that.


I give Stallone credit for being able to be a selfless actor at times. He knows he’s old and he does not mind playing the role of an aging action hero, which he did here so perfectly.


I don’t see it as a blockbuster that should have come out in theatres. The fact that the movie revolves around Samaritan’s relationship with a 13-year-old boy felt like he was trying to outdo big Arnold’s lackluster, Last Action Hero, and it’s even more predictable than a Rocky movie without the deep character dive that makes that worth wild

Still, it triggered the child in me that remembers when Stallone made movies that might as well made him a superhero and the adult that consumed so many superhero movies that I just want to see the man suit up, for real.