Golden Arm

So, I’ve seen Over the Top, and I’ve have seen the Koren version of Over-The-Top Champion. Now I’ve seen the women’s version of Over the Top, Golden Arm.

At first, I did not want it to be a comedy. Over the Top and Champion are (Way too) serious movies about the competition of Arm Wrestling, Golden Arm decided to take a humorous approach to it. Then I thought, that actually makes sense. As a man who’s only thought of arm wrestling is as a game men play to measure their…man hood, it seems perfect that a women’s preceptive on the subject would be silly.

What I will give the film is an A plus for detail. They use a Karate Kid montage format to explain the professional level of Arm Wrestling and its ironically funny how I feel I learned more about the competition here then I did in both dude flicks that took themselves seriously.

But I have to admit, you still have to be that interested in Arm Wrestling to really care. Realistic Arm Wrestling as a sport did not hold my interest enough to say the film is good. It’s ok and it could have been better and funnier.

The main character was a fish out of water with the “Golden Arm” as it were, which cheapens the movie as a sports film because she actually has little interest in actually using her talent to be the best (unlike all the sporting characters around her who live by their skills with the arm).

I can’t say I was expecting much, and I got what I was expecting, but this movie’s niche is narrow.