Ocean’s 8

It’s ok.

I have to say when Ocean’s 8 came out I was avoiding it. I wanted to see everything else but it, and when I realized why I was doing it, I felt like a hater and I don’t want to be that dude.

So as I was watching the film I did realize, why I did not want to see it. I did not really like the remake of Ocean’s 11. It was a good movie that did not live up to the hype that surrounded it because of the many movie stars in it, movie stars I did not care enough about to care that they were in one movie (Although, since the movie came out, I have been a big fan of Matt Damon).

But to put it bluntly, my hopes for Ocean’s 8 was low to begin with and I did not want to dislike the movie, cause I knew everyone would assume that it’s because Ocean’s 8 is an all women cast.
To be honesty, that is half the problem. Let me explain (please!), Like Ocean’s eleven, the selling point of Ocean’s eight was the idea that most of the ladies starring in it are the coolest kids in Hollywood. I Definitely would put Sandra Bullock in that company, and I love the fact that Ocean’s 8 is a spin-off in the Ocean’s franchise with Bullock as Danny Ocean’s sister Debbie Ocean, who’s coming out of a five year stretch in the pin where she has come up with the greatest heist of all time. So she comes up with her crew which includes her best friend Lou (Cate Blanchett, who’s really cool) and six other ladies (In the movie Debbie explains she wants to use ladies because men will stand out in the plan she is coming up with, a weak unneeded explanation in my opinion, but that’s ok).

To be quite honest, like with Ocean’s eleven at the time, none of the women in the film really made me want to jump up and go see them in a movie. I don’t like Rihanna enough as a pop star to want to see her in this movie, in fact Rihanna’s run as an actress would tell you to stay clear of this movie. I want to like Mindy Kaling enough to run to the theater to see her, but I don’t. I do like Anne Hathaway enough to want to see her in a flick as well as Helena Bonham Carter (but the movies I run to see her in are nothing like this). It’s not the all star team I would want to see. No Michelle Rodriguez or Michelle Yeoh or Melissa McCarthy (I would be there with bells on if Melissa McCarthy was in it).

After seeing the movie the only one of the 8 that fully did it for me was Awkwafina as Constance, the street though Three card Monty player with the Sticky fingers. Out of the whole case I had no prior knowledge of who she was (I still don’t really know, I think she’s a singer), but when she came up on the screen I loved her personality the most. She really entertained me.

The cast was suppose to get me into the seat, but watching the flick, nothing fully interest me like I was really hoping. I wanted to like this movie but I came into it not expecting much and Ocean’s 8 did little to peak my interest. It had it’s moments that where amusing, but it also had a bit of a slow drag in which I did not care about how they were going to pull off the heist (which is bad in a heist movie that’s made to showcase each star and what their part in the heist is). The movie started to pick up for me after the deed was done and they were trying not to get caught by the insurance investigator (Played by James Corden taking time out of his busy late night schedule to do some acting).

I’m not cool enough to care about the coolness of the flick, but it did seem to be trying to hard to be hip. The chemistry between Bullock and Blanchett was good enough to hold the movie. It’s too bad they needed six other people to pull of the heist.

Ocean’s 8 is not going to change the universe or maybe it will. After all, women are allowed to make a movie that’s just OK.

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