Raw Nerve

Mario Van Peoples sometimes had a lot of nerve trying to pull off the Latin accent.

When I selected this movie I was promised that their was some hall of fame nudity. When I watched I discovered not only was this not true but I remember actually seeing this movie on a TV screen (A rated PG TV screen).

The movie was actually Rated R due to language. Man Peoples takes the star billing, but the movie really revolves around a young cop who froze up in the line of fire, which cost two cops their lives, and Van Peoples plays his partner, Valez who covers up his mistake. Skipping a few years later, this Rookie cop quits the force to teach people about the law, when he runs back into Valez, who has turn from beat cop to detective, but over the years he got involved in some shady activity and needs his old partner’s help. Feeling that he owed Valez, this college professor starts to get tangled up in his criminal activity as Valez goes off the deep end to get out of trouble.

Nicollette Sheridan shares the movie poster with Van Peoples and like Van Peoples her part is not as big as Zach Galligan’s part (who plays the ex-rookie cop), but even the pre-Desperate Housewife Sheridan was still a bigger draw. She plays Valez’s girlfriend, a Wall Street type who has a problem with pick pocketing and because of this Valez takes advantage of this to the point which he becomes abusive, especially when he thinks his old friend his trying to hook up.

Raw Nerve is a movie with no story, it feels like a bunch of stuff just happening that’s some what connected. The jumble of it all is very lackluster for the overall purpose of the movie.

I did like the parts that were shot in Brooklyn, I’m familiar with the area a lot of the film was shot in and it was interesting to see how it changed.

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