The Racer and the Jailbird

My heart was not as broken about it as I was expecting. It felt like that’s what they wanted me to feel, but it was not happening naturally.
The movie is about a Racer and a bank robber. When I saw the trailer I honestly thought the dude was the driver but it was the woman and the jailbird is the dude.
They start a love affair they pretty much ends like a Greek tragedy.

But it did not feel like I made enough of a connection with either character to feel for the heartbreak coming.
The only person I made the connect with is the dad in the flick who gives a great speech about what it is to be a man to the guy courting his daughter. It was like the speech the dad made in Call Me By Your Name but did not make the movie like that dad’s speech each did, cause it came too early in the flick and the mic is drooped and film never gets better.

Skip it.

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