Liquid Sky


Is it not punk enough!? Is it too punk for me!? More so not my style of punk, but that’s the thing about movies you can call punk. Musical taste is a little easier to recognize, their is a vast difference between hardcore and Nuwave (which this movie reminds me of).

Independent film making in itself can be very punk when you get down too it. Just how it develops yourself due to the fact that you only have two pennies to rub together, but also in how experimental rubbing those two pennies together can get. Liquid Sky gets that experimental and it does not hurt that the movie is about drugs.

Basically a tiny alien spacecraft comes to Earth looking to produce some intergalactic heroin and they discover that they can produce the purist kind when they suck it from the minds of humans who just got an orgasm, and they get their product spying on a young model’s sexual habits (In her apartment that seems way to expensive for a model of her caliber, even by 1983 standards)

This movie’s plot actually reminds me of an action horror film called I Come In Peace, which stars Dolph Lundgren as a bad ass cop hunting down an alien drug pusher who makes his medicine by sucking out the nectar from human brains that are addict to smack. I recommend, this b-movie, a classic in Lundgren’s library solely based on the fact that the alien uses a gun that basically shoots CDs (must be were the game Revolution X starring Aerosmith got it from).

Liquid Sky is not put together for action like I come In Peace, However. It’s put together as a peace of art. Very colorful and very exploratory of the New York punk scene in Mid-town, which seems to be a combo of fashion and electronic music. It does it’s job getting it’s point across about the scene, so I got to like it for that.

Liquid Sky, in it’s punk sensibility is not for everyone to stomach, but it definitely traps the essence of the scene it uses as a backdrop.

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