12 Angry Men (#328 can I die without seeing it)

So A friend of mine at work, actually got me the book, 1001 Movies You Must See before You Die. It was very thoughtful (Just like the ex-co worker that made this site for me). She knew I like movies and saw it on display and said “I knew he would like this”. I got her some chocolate in return.

Anyway, I remember being in college and stumbling upon this book. At the time I considered myself a film buff (even more so than now). For me it was about going through the book to see how many of the movies I saw, discovering that most of the films that were under my radar were ones that were made in my life time mostly, which was a small percentage of the 10001.

At the time, I just got a Netflix account (When Netflix was only a service that mailed you DVDs) and I started added these films to the Queue, which met I could add half the book list to the queue, which is techncally insane cause how can one person watch 500 movies? well I did…Twice and I’m about to do it again.

The thing is, the book I had was a 2008 version and the book given to me was a 2016 version (I think the very latest), so the 1001 movies changed in 8 years. What I found really interesting is I was expecting that the movies within my lifetime that were in the 2008 version may be diffrent, simply because I knew that there were movies between that 8 year pweriod that everyone totally needed to see before they died. What surprised me most was how many diffrent movies from the 2008 book were made in the early part og the 20th century. There are movies that are going to be permanently on the list (Things like the Great Train Robbery that totally define the basics of film making), but I was surprised how many movies before the 1970s in this book that were not in the 2008 version, which means they bumped a few movies that I no longer need to see before I die.

That makes the title of this book very overdramtic, so I’m gonna see for myself, what movies in this book were really needed to see before I die and what movies I could have lived without seeing. These are the things cinemagardens are about (or should be about)

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