Black Belt

You can’t go wrong with Don “The Drgaon” Wilson. This guy made a lot of good fucking movies, I had no idea. In this movie, which feels like a rip off of the Bodyguard, the Dragon plays a ex-cop who now teaches intercity kids kickboxing, and does some private eye work on the side. This time around he’s hired to project the body of a club singer whose being stalked by a sick psychopath missing his mommy and also happens to be a marshal arts expert.

Black Belt is actually littered with them. The opening credits felt like a who’s who in the marshal arts world at the time (Though the only name I know was the Dragon’s), but despite all the talent the choreography looks slow and weak. I don’t know, maybe the amateur fight choreographer thought that if you put two dudes in the room together who know karate that would do the trick but how wrong he was. The only guy who seemed to know what he was doing is The Dragon, earning that top billing and leading man status.

But overall, Don “the Dragon” Wilson did not let down. He’s a good marshal artist and a good actor and it makes the movie good.

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