Batman: Bad Blood

The charater design was so-so, but the animation itself was tight.

All of the fight scenes flowed like water, adding to the great action as well as the drama.
I do love the tales of the Batfamily. I realize that. That’s why I loved Batman: under the red hood so much, which came out before this and lead me here.
Batman: Bad Blood is all about blood as it features a team up with Batman, his longest running and most favorite partner, Nightwing. His son the new Robin, Plus Batman adds the Batwoman into the mix as well as Batwing, who I think makes his first appearance in animation form (although I thought his origin was different (according to the new 52 line up anyway). Plus the film surprises you with a cool Batfamily cameo.
But possibly the best part of the film, because it’s such a personal Batman story, Alfred Pennyworth gets to be more in the mix. When Thalia Al Ghoul is in the mix that means all the henchmen involved know just enough to allow Batman’s greatest right hand to get some field work and I do mean right hand. The animation shows that Alfred’s got some boxing skills (No doubt while serving in the Royal British Navy) and showed his marksman ship with a gun. It seems like a small thing to like but in my opinion Alfred rarely gets to show off fully what makes him such an asset to the Dark Knight.
Also like Damion Wayne in the film as well. I feel that the comics ability to express the fact that he’s an trained assassin and a tween is lost to the point that it makes him annoying at times (and when that happens it becomes harder to justify Batman putting this kid in danger). In animation form it seems to come across better. I think it’s the voice acting because it keeps you grounded in the fact that you are dealing with a very young Robin.
It’s been forever since I checked out what’s left of the DC animated Universe. It’s still going strong and they’re still putting out some great animated tales.

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