The Devil’s Candy

Was indeed a very metal horror movie.

The most Metal movie of 2017 so far.

Although it’s not hard for a horror movie to be metal, I feel a lot of them do without trying. However, The Devils Candy purposely does its best to be metal.

Starting with a scene in which a man hears the call form Satan himself and then picks up a seven string axe and plucks it so deep it sounds like a bass riff, all in the name of the big D.

The film is about a metal head who moves in to this man’s house after he kills his wife than himself. This Metalhead begins painting disturbing images after hearing the Devil’s call of the victims that that man’s son, who is the monster of this slasher styled flick, starts to accumulate, and if this metalhead does not get his head right his daughter, who this monster has his eye on, will be next.

Definitely appreciate the effort to be more metal. You have movies like Hellraiser (That just comes to mind) which is very metal with out attaching a Motörhead soundtrack for one of its sequels, and it’s not even trying to appeal to the genre per say, like this movie does with the father and daughter bonding over their hate of everything cute and cuddly and poking fun of how light on the ears Metallica is.

But definitely loved this more than most horror films these days that use cast that more appeal to the pop music crowd. Plus the movie goes for that no holds bared slasher horror feeling (Without getting too gory). This movie’s monster’s love of children (specifically the metalhead’s easy on he eyes daughter) gives the emotion of that golden age Freddy Kruger, Micheal Myers era of slash without needing to actually see overdone kill moves.

Completely disturbing, thrilling and suspenseful, and horrific without any of that.

Devil horns up!


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