Batman: The Killing Joke

Killed it!

It was a great adaption to a great graphic novel.

It’s weird and  disturbing like the best stories involving Batman & the Joker going at each other.

The Killing Joke is a classic graphic novel (It’s like a classic novel (I don’t read so I can’t suggest a novel) that you are excited they are going to adapt into a movie, and that’s the Killing Joke).

Anything coming out of DC Universe Animated Original Movies is so great and so adult and way better than anything that the DC Cinematic Universe seems to be doing.

I was so stoked that the movie was going to be released in theaters and it shocked me when I saw the movie was going to be Rated R. It was an interesting R, more about the dark adult content than sex, violence and language.

In the Killing Joke, Batman’s relationship with his partner, Bat Girl gets too personal for the both of them to focus on their commitment to crime fighting, so they decide to part ways before anyone gets hurt, which Ironically, despite no longer being in the mask, Bat Girl gets hurt anyway when the Joker escapes from jail and plans another outing for the Dark Knight.

A subplot of the movie tells an origin of the Joker  as a comedian who falls in with the wrong crowd and meets Batman in the process, which creates an accident that would create the cape crusader’s worst nightmare.

Keeping with the fad of Nostalgia, Kevin Conroy who for many is the voice they hear when they think of Batman, reprised his role once again as the Dark Knight. It’s a bit of an unfair comparison, but I think many 90s kids would agree that Kevin Conroy is the best Batman ever (poor Christian Bale)

And reprising his role as the Joker is the great Mark Hamhill. What I always loved about Hamhill’s Joker (other than he laugh obviously)  Is these basic one-lined jokes that they give him to say that makes you giggle just before he does something totally messed up. They really take it up a notch in this film as those jokes lead up to joker doing some really messed up things. 

But the joker is not the only villain in the movie. Francesco Franz is a robber trying to rip off his uncle whose a big gangster in Gotham, and he’s also obsessed with Bat Girl and this obsession is just Dark. so awesome to watch.

Glad I got to see this on the big screen it’s a note worthy film.


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