The Belko Experiment

Not a bad experiment.

Overall the experience is not that bad. It’s funny how human nature works.

So the movie is about a group of employees who get locked down in a government building and are force to kill a few to save the many.

Suddenly, the guy who was your best friend a second ago looks at you differently as the experiment creates two types of people. The ones who believe right is might and want to use strength to control the situation, and those who want to find another situation other than killing.

Very similar to the Saw films as these people scramble to make the choice of who will live and who will die before the voice in the intercom that trapped them makes that call and has their heads explode with a messy bomb implanted in there. It also has a few gruesome death scenes as well.

It’s a good social science study and I like watching to see what people would do in this situation. Entertaining.

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