Bad Moms

Bad Moms? No, Funny film? Hell Yeah!!

It’s one of those grossly vile movies with the word bad in the title: Bad Santa, Bad Teacher, you get the picture (but Bad Lieutenant is a different vibe altogether).

Hollywood Mom, Mila Kunis who was most likely inspired because she was a mom to make this film, stars as Amy Mitchell, the narration, (which was used to be sympathetic and tell her story real quick only make her problems sound more 1st world) lays out a woman who got married and had children at twenty, and is juggling being the perfect parent with her job and marriage.

I did become sympathetic when her husband cheated on her, leaving Amy to do every thing by herself. She got to a boiling point where she just did not care and just needed to take a chill pill. Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn play two moms who join the chill pill.

Christina Applegate plays the main antagonist in the film, a women who is the “perfect” mom and judges those who are not one hundred percent. I loved Applegate in this role because she is such a mean mom that it just drives me so furious, and the meaner she gets the more I want to just watch Kunis character kick her face into a car window, but I had to wait for Amy to take the high road for this Heifer to get hers , so it’s a perfect villain for this comedy.

Usually, I do not like when a movie is preaching to me, but this is different of course because I agree greatly with what there preaching. Since the dawn of motherhood, it’s been a hard job to do, and I feel this new era of child caring makes it even harder for mothers and puts more pressure on something that already has a lot or pressure on it. You have to be so focus on turning your kids superhuman and you are not allowed to make mistakes even thought that’s what it means to be human.

If you are a mom, I recommended that you see the film. There is a mom you can relate to: from soccer moms to working mom (even a single dad taking care of his kid(Played by Jay Hernandez as the perfect eye candy for moms) you have someone in the movie you can relate too, and it’s all about relating and knowing that everyone needs a break and that kids are demanding but also able to be self -efficient.

Plus it’s funny. A nice hard Rated R funny that’s about moms for moms and moms should see it, but you can’t take your kids with you. cause it’s not for them, it’s for you.

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