Beauty and the Beast

Man, that was good! I did not see that coming!

So ready to hate this movie as the animated version was a treasure of my childhood. Let met tell you, it’s the very same movie. I know a lot of people don’t like animated movies so it’s like they translated that version like they would translate French to English, but the magic, lost nothing in the translation. The magic that made that animated movie soooo good is in this version. It’s an amazing feat that they were able to do that.  That’s how they make it work so spectacularly.
I will say there were so awesome performances by the love action cast members, especially Josh Gad who played LeFou. It was worth the ticket price just to see this dude make you laugh throughout the film. A stellar performance. It’s really the one part that sets it aide form the animated one.
Plus the the art direction was great. The sets
and the costumes were fantastic.
So I got to say the film works and is a rare occasion that a remake was worth doing. Never as good as the first but a good watch.

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