Dying Laughing

What a great in depth look at what it’s like to be a comedian.

I have individually herd most of these comedians talk about the craft. There is even a HBO special produced by Ricky Gervais were he’s sits down with three really famous comedians and they talk shop. It’s an excellent special but this documentary tops that.

Having all these comedians being interviewed together and having their stories inter cut with one another and their experiences layered into one gave a very complete inside look at what it takes to be a comedian.

What’s awesome about this too is that it’a a wide range of comedians. From here in the States to across the pond black, white, women, black women, Latino, Asian, middle Eastern. From the really famous to the living legends to the truly iconic, to people who have been in the biz for decades but you’ve never herd of them. They even took some time to do a segment of one up and coming black woman whose not remembering what it’s like to start out but actually going through it.

It’s a lesson in time and dedication and the struggle to hit the stage and what it takes to do it for a living. Very fascinating and entertianing, heartwarming sometimes serious, but overall funny

A must see.