Bridget Jones Baby

Not a bad pic

So I remember seeing the other two Bridget Jones (Or at least one of them once), I was not paying any attention. You got to give The franchise it’s props, three movies to a romantic comedy. There must be something to it that we keep coming back to it.
RenĂ©e Zellweger is looking top notch in her Third outing as Bridgett Jones, in an absolute flip of the norm an american actor playing a British woman looking for love and having difficulty finding it. Now the 43 year old is contempt at being married to her career when a run in with an ex-boyfriend (played by Colin Firth) and a new suitor (played by Patrick Dempsey) end with miss Jones becoming with child. By who? well that’s what the movie is about as she juggles both men until she finds the answer, and not sure which one she want to be the father and the man she feels she should be with for the rest of her life.
Zellweger was really funny as the zinging Bridget Jones and I also like her relationship with Emma Thompson who plays her straight lace doctor.
I found it an enjoyable choice for a film nice and laughable.