Frame for a crime they did not commit, three friends since childhood struggle to survive in jail.
One had the skills needed to get out of the ghetto sees opportunity fly out the door.
One whose all about the life in the streets tries to redo his glory in the big house.
One who too weak to have what it takes to make it in penitentiary.
Worse part is that they all get separated meaning for the most part they have to make it alone with the weak one becoming a bitch to the Aryan Nation, the streetwise one hooking up with the inside dope dealer, Played by Master P, and the good kid hanging with a seasoned inmate played by one of my favorites Clifton Powell, who teaches him how to get through jail without it breaking him.
It’s a pretty wild movie on prison life with each man given us each aspect of what prison is like, and it’s like you think your one guy and hope to god you are not another. It does not hold back the horror of prison life.
My favorite part of the movie is a small role by Onyx member Sticky Fingaz playing the guy who framed them. He gave some of the best lines in the movie.