Kevin Hart: Now What?

Kevin Hart’s What Now? is funny but not his funniest set.

Though What Now? was a better looking comedy movie than his last one Let Me Explain, which makes perfect sense, the comedy routine was not the sharpest Kevin Hart as done.

Speaking of bigger, Kevin Hart’s short sketch at the beginning of the concert was just that. Hart parodies James Bond more specifically Casino Royal and does this with special guess the lovely bond girl  Halle Berry and Don Cheadele who was hilarious. Hart is  pumping his superstar muscle here.

The concert itself was a far bigger stage. The cool part was how some of the images behind him reflected the comedy routine. Far much going on than the pyrotechnics he gave us in Let Me Explain.

But the fire he laid on us was real funny and far more inter graded into the comedy bit.  Kevin Hart’s gonna make you laugh, that definitely goes without saying. So if you go watch it you got that, but like a Rock Star trying to keep of the momentum (of that money flow), Hart’s jokes are a little too safe and generic to hit the gut like he use to.

Bigger better, badder, but not funnier.