Absolutely Fabulous

Darling, I did not hate it, but it was not Absolutely Fabulous.

I herd of the Ab Fab before,  but never got the chance to see it before I saw the movie. Most likely the nostalgia from British show  would have made the movie adaption better.

But I can’t denied that the film Really did have its moments when it had me laughing out loud at the stupidity.
The satire of fashion and fame that litter the movie is universal and does not need any previous knowledge of the show to get.
Edina and Patsy are two old chicks trying to stay relevant in the world of fashion and just when they are about to become washed up Pasty, a fashion guru hears that super model icon Kate Moss needs a PR person and income Edina whose attempts to get back in the game causes her to push Moss into the river. Rather than take the heat they flea to France taking Edina’s  granddaughter Lola with them causing a conflict between Edina and her daughter.

I was expecting some more big cameos in the movie (figuring that’s why they made the film rather than another TV series), other than the Jon Hamm Cameo. That really tall women from game of thrones has a cameo, and so does Graham Norton (if you guys in the States no who that is), but I’m not into fashion enough to care about some of the names they dropped that sound familiar.

I herd the show is really good and I can assume that if you like the show you like the movie (or at least get it more). It did have it’s cheap laughs that may be worthy to check out if you’re doing nothing else

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