And the Winner is…

So I did not get to see the Oscars. I just followed on social media as the winners were announced. got to admit I get excited over the event, which is why I follow it. This year more than any other that I can remember is about artistic merit more than how much money you pay some one to get a gold statue. Although, I’m sure plenty of that went down.

I have to admit. it would have been nice to see the white woman who pronounced and the winner is.. Mahershala Ali when he won his best supporting actor Oscar. Although that woman would have been Alicia Vikander who most likely nailed it. I always have an image of Jennifer Lawrence in my head when I think of this situation, of course who am I to say anything, I can’t even pronounced his name so (I’ve never even attempted it).
It had to suck being the 1st Oscar given out on the day. Cause if I was Ali, I’m thinking to myself, I want to leave and get this party started, but I got to sit here for another two or three hours, without liquor. man that sucks (Thought that’s me, Ali most likely does not drink being the first Muslim to win an Oscar and all). Cheers to Ali, cause I did not think he stood a chance against Jeff Bridges who nailed his role Hell of High Water (I love Hell or High Water)

And Suicide Squad wins an Oscar for best make up!? nice try, it’s not like it’s gonna help make the movie actually look better. Once again, Suicide Squad did not suck but I have seen better films( way better). I do feel a bit sorry for Star Trek as a whole (Star Trek beyond was up in the same category), they have gotten invited to the party many times but never invited to come on stage.

Although I had no real investment either way on who would win best supporting actress I will say that the winner, Viola Davis did get down and dirty and very gritty with her performance in Fences so it does not surprise me. Naomie Harris also gave the same gritty performance in Moonlight, but I definitely liked Fences better as a movie. I wonder if that’s how the committee who votes decides as well?

Best foreign picture picked the movie with the most depth. The Salesmen was that movie. It was a drama to be taken seriously. the other movies did not stand a chance which is a little of a shame. Toni Erdmann was one of the best films I saw (Technically this year), but it was more entertaining than socially changing I guess. Land of Mine was another nomination that I thought was killer.

Zootopia gets best animated feature Oscar. I was rooting for the Red Turtle cause I thought that was the better movie and the best anime I’ve seen in years, but Zootopia was good I’ll give them that. It was like last years Get Out (and if you have not seen Get Out, get out and see it). So I’m not too bummed about The Red Turtle getting robbed of an Oscar, but make no doubt about it, it got robbed.

Like with best supporting actress, I had no real ties to anyone in the best Lead Actor category. I did like Manchester by the Sea and I loved Casey Affleck in it and must say it’s the finest acting I ever seen him do in the movie (Poor Ben (then again he has a few Oscars(just not for acting). I also felt that Denzil Washington, the guy who I would most likely root for, did not give me his best performance in Fences, a movie he directed very well. I like the Idea of Denzil always getting nominated like Meryl Streep always gets nominated. It’s Denzil, one of the great thespians period, and in this situation if they give the win to Denzil that would have been like given him a bone he did not need.

On the other head Emma Stone got thrown a bone. In all fairness I don’t think she should have won because I’m not feeling Emma Stone at all. I get the appeal (Especially since is she able to create  that golden age look the academy loves (hence why LA LA Land was so celebrated) but it’s not for me. Just like I’m not feeling Jenifer Lawrence and I’m not feeling Scarlett Johansson (Although I don’t get why I’m not feeling the Black Widow (but I’m not)

And how about that mix up on the big award huh? A lot of people in the social media were like how this moment reflected 2016’s presidential election. I feel what happen at the Oscars should have happen at the Elections. La La Land is forgettable, it’s not a bad movie but it’s a movie that you can watch and forget that it even existed. All the awards that LA LA Land got are from people who praised the movie for it’s creativity in remaking golden age Hollywood. It was a good attempt, but it does not shine no where near as bright as what Fred and Ginger or anyone from that time period did. It’s like the Artist in 2012, which was a better movie but again won a bunch of awards cause it made the old guys remember old school Hollywood. Moonlight winning the award feels like the old guys dying off and some new old guys taking there place. These guys are a little fresher and seem to get where the world is going. LA LA Land is more entertaining than Moonlight I give it that, but Moonlight is doing something original, one of the most original movies I’ve seen in years. They recognized that with the nominations and the recognized that with the best picture win.

So that’s it for the Oscars. I think next you we should demand more diversity with some Asian actors  for the thespian awards.