It’s got nerve! Could be a cult classic as it’s speaks to and about the generation that it’s focus on.

It’s a bit like Kids or Hackers. It actually does a good job in displaying the kids of this generation, and it reflects what this generation likes and what its about.

Nerve is a game played on the internet. The people who play are dared to do all sorts of crazy things for cash, and there is no limit to the craziness. Vee, played by Emma Roberts, is a kid who needs to come out of her shell, plays the game and becomes way too engulf in it.

Dave Franco is in the game too as Ian. First thing you noticed is that he’s trying to be as hot as his older brother, James. thought he gives us a lot of sex appeal, big bro still has more personality.

The game starts out really talking to the young crowd about what they are into. Just playing the game over social media and how everyone participates, with no one controlling the game and everyone able to put in their two cents towards the game.

Although, it does get to the place were it goes to big and gets less and less real to me, and overall, it’s about sending a metaphoric message to the kids about living your life on the web, and how it can desensitize you.

The vibe and the tone of the movie is great. love the electric music score and the art direction. The movie really does feel cool without going too overboard with it, very subtle.

I got a feeling that the movie is going to have a cult classic vibe, like Fight Club or something.

Check it out.

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