Be a human being, that’s a real Hero!

Who sings that song? I love it! I loved how it was used in this movie!

Greatest fucking movie ever! Just the first ten minutes when The Driver gets hired to give those thieves a ride. spectacular!
Albert Brooks killed it! It came out of nowhere but you believed it. I can believe that Ron Perlman is a tough Jew from New York (cause he is), but we were taken by surprise by Brooks. I mean, that’s Nemo’s dad from Finding Nemo holding down the streets! It was very unique for 2011.
That 80s style was everything. Takes me back to the childhood. The opening title made me feel like it was 1983. I’m seeing a trend of filmmakers remembering the 80s and it seemed to start with this film.

I love Oscar Isaac in it, so awesome. Such a versatile actor, I did not even recognize him in the movie.
And Christina Hendrix is worth every minute on the screen.

Director Nicolas Winding Refn has been on my radar every since I saw Drive, but I must admit, I seen his other movies and so far this is my favorite of his work.

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