Ice Age: Collision Course

Ok sequel. Very Standard, everything you love about Ice Age, if you love it. (and nothing more).

Here we go again! Milking everything you got out of a franchise. They say this is the final chapter of Ice Age, but we’ll see how much money it makes to be sure.

Nothing overly imaginative about the film as the tribe attempt to survive a big rock about to hit Earth.

I did love how the cartoon added little bits of actual science to do the funny parts of the movie (including putting Neil deGrasse Tyson in the movie to assure the cartoonish accuracy)

It was filled with good jokes that made me laugh hard throughout. It better with comedians like Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary and Simon Pegg, voicing the main charters. Although,  four sequels made for too many main characters for any of the all-star cast to fully shine .

The animation was good, but nothing new stood out (I hear it only takes eight mouths to do these movies)but I really like the character design. Plus it’s worth seeing for some great 3D images.

But the film works best if you are a huge fan of the ones before it(especially if your a fan of Scat, the saber tooth squirrel who has particularly created the entire universe in an effort to get that nut) . Without having that connection, it’s a bit bland.

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