Don’t think twice

An amazing movie, as it gets under your skin.

Well the movie is a hard look at anyone in their thirties  who’s still trying to follow that dream and it’s a struggle, but you just can’t give up on it, even though it seems like you don’t have what it takes.

The focus on Don’t Think Twice is on a troop of improv actors, but it can apply literally to anyone.

Very harsh relating to something so relateable . Especially for anyone in these situations:

The place you’re working at is being gentrified making it more expensive to do what you love.

Those who were once under your wing are now spreading theirs and seem to be flying higher than you ever did.

But you feel you’re at the place you belong but no one else seems to get that as they movie on to what seems to be better things.

Your not that old but everyone around you makes you feel that way because of where society makes you believe you belong at your age.

And you need a break, but you just can’t find one.

If any of this rings a bell than Don’t  think Twice will be highly enjoyable for you because it’s like looking into a Mirror as it Ironically, makes you think more than twice about yourself, and gives you a feel of contempt realizing that you are not alone.

I’m not sure the film is for everyone as it’s not as funny as I thought it would be considering   Keegan-Michael Key is in it. It is a smart comedy, but the thing about this intelligence is that it really does focus on a demographic.

There are few things that do go over generally, like all the characters experience with trying to get on Weekend Live (A perfect  satire on Saturday Night Live).

Plus the improv itself made me giggle too.

Don’t think Twice is definitely a personal favorite

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