The Wind Rises

Did I mention how awesome the animation is.

…and the story is so excellent it could have been a live action film

Studio Ghibli at it’s best and animation at it’s best. how did the Oscars pass up on this for the win!?

Plus I’m showing favoritism as the movie is about one of my favorite subjects, Aviation.

Somewhere in-between The Great War and World War II lies Jiro, a young Japanese man who becomes a fan of an Italian airplane designer and shares his dream (Literately in the sense of the movie) of designing aircrafts, and the movie goes through his process, as well as him finding love.

I don’t know if this is a true story or how inspired by true events the movie is, but the Zero fighter that Jiro designs was used by the Japanese in World War 2. I do know the title comes form a poem. The Wind Rises, what a perfect title for a movie about Aviation.

I just discovered that there lies an English dub of the movie. The both times I saw it I was lucky enough to catch the subtitled one, but now I am kinda curious about the English dub to see how Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Stanley Tucci, and Martian short translate the characters they were given.

Anyway, The Wind Rises is like a painting in movement. the complete extension of what I want from animation. There was one scene in which Japan suffered an earthquake and with animation, they intensified the scene making it look like the ground just had a hiccup and caused all this chaos and destruction. it was brilliant.

So I’m sorry, as good as Frozen is I think the Oscars made the wrong choice in not given the Wind Rises the trophy.


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