I am Micheal

Very smart film.

Yeah, James Franco likes to do those small indi smart films. In this one he is Micheal, once an openly gay man he has a change of heart once he let’s God into it.

I feel like the film is working somewhat in reverse for me. In an average formula, Micheal would be a man of God who finds love with another man that changes his path. Not that the way this movie’s format is wrong, but it gives the feeling of non closure.

James Franco played Micheal with excellence. He was a confused man who was unfortunately torn between a book that tells us what God wants and being himself, which will make him truly happy. Franco made you feel his torment, that you can see from the beginning of the movie, with Micheal’s job at a gay magazine.

Zachary Quinto was a great supporting actor, although I have to admit I feel like James Franco played a better gay man than Quinto. Maybe Franco is not Quinto’s type, or maybe I was expected their passion to erupt off the screen like it does when Franco is kissing up on Seth Rogen( Maybe that’s asking too much).

All jokes aside, I am Micheal was an interesting look on those with spritially in their hearts trying to balance it with what also feels right in their hearts and no matter weather you agree on disagree with how Micheal handle it, it’s the type of thing you want to see and have an open discussion about.

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