Toni Erdmann

Very funny movie!
Very funny with a dry straight man wit.  Ballsy angle in my opinion. It could have made the humorous moments go over your head, but it didn’t, so it paid off.
At two hours and forty two mins, the movie ran the chance of being too long. It’s a comedy, it’s strange to be that long.
Similar in that sense to This is 40 in which it’s long because as much as it is funny, some real emotional issues are happening in the film.

You do not want to downplay the daddy daughter relationship happening in Toni Erdmann that is the center of the movie, but you do want people to laugh while relating. Unlike This is 40, Toni Erdmann does find this perfect balance that is the Dramaedy.

From the moment the movie starts the jokes starts and never ends. It grabs you and never lets go.

A great film.

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