Best movie of the summer: Captian America: Civil War

Labor day weekend is over and that means the summer is over, so that means it’s a good time to put in my thoughts on the summer’s best blockbuster, Captain American: Civil War.

Began the summer with a kaboom! Then it turned out it was the best film to watch this summer. Top notch

It’s rare that the sequels can out do the original, but the Captain America: First Avenger does not hold a candle to the Winter Soldier and The Winter Soldier is nothing compared to Civil War.

A superhero movie with some real depth to it, Civil War is not so loosely based on the Marvel comics event. All the Events since the first Avengers movie are being called in check, when the UN forces a political policy on the Avengers that would allow them to regulate how superheroes battle the forces of evil. Captain America is not for it, while Iron Man is, putting them on different sides.

Just like Winter Soldier, what makes this movie so good is that it is basically an Avengers movie, having pretty much all of them in the same film at once, with some extra added surprises, like The Black Panther making his debut on the screen, Spider-Man joining the marvel cinematic universe and Ant-Man showing off his full capability.

I was a little nervous that Cap would get lost in the shuffle of his own picture. He does, kinda, but thankfully the movie is about him being the leader of the Avengers so he does get some screen time. I love Cap, he has the flair of a a comic book, but the moves of the greatest action hero of all time, and even though Chris Evans gives his best performance as the Star Spangled Avenger, we all did not come to see him.

Civil War has the same appeal of X-Men 2: X-men United. Just so many superheroes in the film, and it was done right. It’s hard to say which is cooler, watching the spark happening between the Scarlet which and the Vision. Seeing the origin of the Black Panther, or watching Tony Stark having a heart to heart with Peter Parker. Definitely the latter, because I though that Spider-Man’s appearance in the film would be overkill, but you could not help but to clap when he comes on the screen. Tom Holland is going to do for Spider-Man what Christian Bale did for The Dark Knight.

For those of you who hate how these movie superheroes don’t seem to go up against a proper villain, I have to say that Helmut Zemo does not have the flamboyance you expect from a comic book Super villain, like if you compare him to Loki (He does have the hate of Magneto, however), but he was the perfect Villain for Civil War and adds well to everything the movie is.

It’s big and Epic,and action packed, and within all that is some serious drama that gets to you. Another shame for Cap is how Robert Downey Jr. was lighting up the big screen with some epic dramatic moments, the best he’s done as Iron Man.

It’s what Avengers: Age of Ultron could have been and what Batman Vs. Superman really (really) should have been. Now Deadpool has a run for it’s money for best Comic Book Superhero movie of 2016.

So that’s it, biggest summer movie of 2016. I know I’m not alone with the movie getting 1.3 billion in box office gross. It’s a great movie, so far the best of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it’s everything a block buster should be.



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