Wrong Turn (2021)

Better than I expected
When I saw on Netflix that wrong turn produced 5 sequeals I got curious and wanted t check them out and even though I remember seeing the frist one it’s been a while so I figure I check it out again.
Wrong turn is a perfect name for the film as a group of young kids get into a car accident that they later discover is a trap made by a psychopathic killer
What I like off the bat was the fact that these kids were not asking for trouble. They were on the road that just happen to be near the woods but we’re not intrested in any sort of camping trip. In fact the main character who the film starts with is trying to get his ass back to the city as fast as possible, making it by far my favorite homage to stereotypical slasher films
It’s set up nicely because with little fault from the main charater their surviol prospects becoming grimmer and grimmer as they (and U.S.) realize who they are dealing with.
Eliza dusky whose clam to fame is being though enough to take on the vampires on the series Buffy the vampire slayer never has a moment of weakness, in fact most of the characters are strong and smart and put up a good fight for their lives which actually makes the horror far more appealing
Dusky definitely earn her place on the movie’s poster
Very exciting horror film

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