Boy Kills World

That was really good!


For some reason watching the trailer I thought this was going to be one of those parody movies like Scary Movie but about the Hunger Games, but that’s not it at all, in fact its not as funny as I thought it would be. I went in expecting a comedy but what I got is a amazing action flick.

In subject matter its pretty dark and disturbing which contradicts the inner voice of the main character who you may recognize coming out of Bob from Bob’s Burgers. In that sense the contradiction made me laugh out loud a few times.

My favorite part however is that this movie seems to be an American attempt at the Indonesian marshal art Pencak silat reinforced by the movie business best practitioner Yayan Ruhian (not the name you were expecting me to say?) also starring in the flick.

Mr. Bill Skarsgård looked amazing (and like a turn of the century boy band member) pulling off these moves. I’m not talking the Raid here but I’m stratified with what Hollywood is temping with this.

Everything about this movie made me happy, it’s a good time!

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