The Marvels (2023)

It was a good movie.

That’s all I can really say about the Marvels it was a good movie. As someone who loves these Marvel movies I am noticing that the magic is wearing down. Nothing about this movie is epic enough to keep me wanting to come back to see it over and over again and I can tell the trill is gone because even the end credit did nothing for me, but as a stand alone movie it was very enjoyable.

Ms. Marvel is the total package of cute teenaged superhero. I could have saw an entire movie with her. I felt I could have used more of Monica Rambeau seeing that out of the three this is the first real showcasing of her power (but I’m bias on that), and ofcourse Sam L. Jackson as Fury was fantastic.

One problem that I had with this movie that I also had with Captain Marvel is that it did not feel big enough to be a Marvel Movie, it felt closer to one of the Disney Plus shows.

But overall i had a blast and thankfully it was not a long ride. It gave just enough enjoyment.

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