Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives


I remember as a kid being frighten by the idea that Jason Lives whenever i see the trailer on TV or the poster which was really cool. I call Jason my favorite slasher because he’s the one that frightens me the most. Its ironic that I say it about this movie because what’s so scary about Jason was how real he was… until this movie.

I do love this film as its campy and knows it’s a horror movie and pokes fun at itself all the way, starting with the quickest origin to how a man who died two movies ago suddenly comes back to life, and how fitting that they got Thom Matthews to play Tommy Jarvis. If you are not familiar with Thom Matthews’ work he was in Return of the Living Dead where he an Clu Gallagher accidently bring the zombies to life. Not only does he do it once but he does it again in the sequel to Return of the Living Dead

And now Thom Matthew’s as Tommy Jarvis obsession with Jason causes him to accidently turn Mr. Vorhees into a Zombie that kills Horshack from Welcome Back Carter.

If Jason Lives is anything its entertaining, It scary when it needs to be and funny when it needs to be. Ironically somewhat bad for a Slasher movie. It’s obvious that Jason is the star of this bitch as he does not hide in the shadows at all. In fact there is a lot of Jason in the sunlight. Technically, slashers should not be the star of their own movies but that’s what happens in sequels.


It actually kind of strange just how cartoonish this movie is. It feels like it is trying to reach a Teenage crowd. Just rated R enough to get the teens too young to see Rated R movies to want to see it and not Rated R enough to be named by name on Tipper Gore’s hit list of shit your parents should monitor to make sure you are not exposed to it.

Strange how law enforcement in these movies seem to all be stupid simply because they are raising a teenage daughter in what looks like alone and seem more interested in keeping them from getting their cherry popped but some dude over getting their cherry stabbed by Jason.

A good watch overall too because I loved how everything moved.

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