Give it up to Christopher Nolan he knows how to make an Imax picture and he’s dictated to this format like no other. Other filmmakers who say they make movies in IMAX are cheating you just a little. Like the last good IMAX movie, Mission: Impossible Dark Reckoning. Christopher McQuarrie knows all the good action scenes to put into IMAX to cheat you out of the entire flick being IMAX but Nolan is not about that and that makes for a beautiful motion picture.

But I have to admit, going into this I was thinking Oppenheimer would be like Independence Day in the sense that I came to see something blow up and once that happen, I was done. This movie is soo long and it kept going. I forgot that this movie was about the man that created the bomb not the bomb itself.

Overall, Nolan’s tells the story of John Oppenheimer, and he tells a great story and made a visually stunning movie out of it. One of his best.

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