Pistol Whipped

Never expecting much from “Fat” Stephen Segal, he’s a b-movie action star now just going through the motions collecting a paycheck that only really reflects how revolutionary his first five films are. Something is a little different here, just a little. He’s that stereotypical cop, but this time the story changed a little, so he had to do some acting.
Rather than being that cowboy with a high moral code that he has no problem lowering in order to kill the bad guys. he’s a man who loose his partner and the event really fucked up his mind to the point where he becomes addicted to gambling and it takes him on a downward spiral that effects that moral campus.

So now Stephen Segal is a bad person attempting to change his life around for his daughter when he gets pulled back into the game (which I think did a better job at setting him Stright)

it’s not the best movie in the world but Seagal gives us just a little bit more and it made it worth taking a look at.


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