Air Force One

I was watching Indiana Jones Marathon and I kept waiting for him to say “Get off My Plane!” and i could not remember which movie he said it in. Then this flick pops up on my Smart TV and i realized, this is the movie he said it in! That met i never saw it so i took a look.

That was one hell of an Action Movie! It’s Die Hard on a plane if John McClain was the President of the United States of America. Impressively action-packed movie. I’m surprised how much I love Harrison Ford as an actor. He can be pretty stiff and sense I’m not a chick I can go my whole life without seeing his pretty face (and it’s still a nice face even though he makes 40 look old in his flick), but I guess the sign of a good actor is to own that persona. I say he does just that as he attempts rescue his family and other hostages on Air Force one that’s been taken over by terrorist lead by Garry Owen who also gives a fantastic performance.

I remember when this movie came out and it was a big deal so I’m surprise this is the first time I saw it, but i was stellar…

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