Extraction II


I remember hearing rumors that Chris Hemsworth was going to remake the Indonesian film the Raid. Not sure what happen, but that first Extraction movie looks like something that evolved from that concept. Now Extraction 2 looks like its moving away from that concept. This is not a bad thing, in fact the slight change in content is what makes this sequel so amazing. Don’t get it wrong, I absolutely loved Extraction, what I’m saying is that Extraction 2 more so feels like what they were trying to do with Extraction. Hemsworth plays a soldier recovering from the first movie when he gets a mission to save his ex-wife’s sister and her family from the bad man she married.


Extraction felt more like a rescue and survivor movie while the motions going through Extraction 2 felt more like an Extraction.  More importantly, that action sequence was not so focus on fight chorography. They used that same constant camera angel to film the action, but the action was more diverse. It was done so well, some of the best action sequences done in a movie it was fantastic.

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