The Wrath of Becky

What!? They made a sequel to Becky!? Awesome!

Had no clue what I was getting into when I signed up to watch this movie. It just looked cool.

Becky is now 16 and has been running from foster home to foster home after the events of the first film, but just when she starts to let someone into her heart again after the tragic originally movie, that person is taken away from her and as a result she goes on a rampage of pure revenge against those people

One of these villains is Sean Williams Scott. Trying to do something vastly different from the Stifler role in American Pie we are use to. He was good, but he was no Kevin James who did it first and was more convincing of known comical actor turned character villain in the first movie. Its just that if you are familiar with Scott and what he’s famous for than you’ll aways see that. This performance does not change that.

This does not do anything to minimize his villainy in the movie as well as the action in the movie. It’s definitely, your usual sequel: they took an original concept that was successful and seem to exploit it for a cash cow yet, you will not be disappointed that they made another Becky movie, and I’m glad they released this one in theatres.

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